MaMa conference 2016

Meeting Ina May Gaskin at the MaMa conference in April 2016


After reading the book Spiritual Midwifery, it was an honor in meeting Ina May and being able to have a little chat with her.

Her journey of midwifery began when her to be husband Stephen decided to take his teachings elsewhere and in 1970 there sorted 50 buses and gone on a long journey which ended up on the Farm in Middle Tennessee after having birthed several baby’s on the way. This was a time, when across USA hospital births were the norm , apart from a few isolated cases, birthing women would be drugged up, baby’s dragged out and many complications ensued .While at the same time on the farm the C section rates etc were very low and have stayed like this to this day.

Ina May doesn’t work anymore on the Farm, however it does still seem to exist .

Further further reading and information

and here, where there is more information about the present day Farm

Our History

Ina May still travels across various country’s around the world, where she is teaching others about her experiences for change to midwifery and birthing.


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