Free Consultation

The initial consulatation is free, as this is the time you can decide, if you feel comfortable with me as a Doula.
It is generally a good idea, to meet other Doula’s, so you able to find the right person to suit your needs and requirements.

Phone & Email Support

I am only a phone call away or generally able to answer emails within 24 hours.
Phone: 07467 284 380

2 Prenatal Visits

I am there for you on 2 – 3 Prenatal visits, which can take place in an informal place, at home or where ever feels most comfortable.
During these visits, we can talk about anything, that feels important (or not important) for you.
These visits can include being accompanied to a booking appointment, if that is what you feel would make you more comfortable.
Helping in putting together a birthplan, where I am able to lend books or other articles to read for you to make up an informed choice of which birth, where and how you would like it.
Or simply talking about what ever is worrying you and helping you work through any fears you may have.

Professional Information

I am here to research information for you, some of it I have researched already, other information may require further researching.
I am also able to lend books to you for you to read for further information.

During labour

I am on call 24/7 from week 38 – 42, or longer if required. This means for me being available the whole time via phone, email, text, Skype, visit, or whatever is required.
This will be a time, when I am doing further preparation solely for you, whatever is requred, which can be anything from affirmations specific to you, emotional support, support via therapies I am offering like Raindrop Therapy, which can be very relaxing.
Ensuring that my Doula bag is ready and stocked up for that call, when ever it is going to be.
During birth I am there, present holding space for what ever is needed.
I am there when support is required, such as making some food or drink, keeping an eye on other children, partner, pets whatever it may entail, however mostly I am there to be just there – to be present.

Baby’s first feeding Support

I am there is any feeding support is required.
The first few days can be challenging for some mums, however I am only a call away and able to come to give a little advice, which may ease or even resolve the issue encountered. Sometimes just having a listening ear and knowing someone is there to talk to can be a great relief in itself.

Postpartum follow-up visit

I am there for 2-3 postnatal visits. More can be arranged as individual package.
I am going to be there for the debrief of the birth, anything that may come up, what ever that may entail, as it can be very different for everyone and each birth is very different for each individual, so sometimes it’s just a case of taking things as they come.
It may just simply require some nourishing food brought, some basic shopping, so mum and dad are able to concentrate on the new arrival without needing to worry about shopping or cooking.
Some may just need a chat, some time to have a shower, or some cleaning done.
It is all very individual for everyone.

Community Referrals

I am able to let mum know of local breast feeding groups or other support groups, which may help her in any way, if that is something that is required or wished for.

As a Doula, I Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

I am not there to perform any clinical tasks of any kind.

Make decisions for you

I am not there to make decisions for you, everything you decide is fully your own decision.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I am not there to project any of my own beliefs onto your experience, as it is your experience the birth should be in the way that you feel you wish it to be.