About Me

IMG_1161My Philosophy

My belief is, that every woman benefits from having  informed choice about where and how she would like to give birth.
By being a Doula, I am able to assist in finding information from books, articles, various other professionals, and other sources to provide the information, if wished for.
I am also able to offer support by listening to what ever needs to be said, as all to often many haven’t been able to speak out about their birth experience [whether their own or their mothers, or one they have heard or seen from friends or media] which may can give them an unconscious feeling of being ‘stuck’.
Having had myself Vaginal Births After Cesarean (VBAC’s), I am very passionate in assisting others, who wish it to reach whatever goal they have to give them their birth, which they wish for.
Having found out myself, that birth is a very important and  extremely sacred time, which needs to be honored and supported with nurturing and love, I am very passionate in providing this experience for others.
I am a firm believer in skin to skin contact after birth for as long as mum would like it to, as those first hours and moments are the most precious and remembered afterwards.
What ever you are feeling comfortable with, I am here to listen and assist with your choice of birth, wherever and how ever this maybe.
Whether this be at home or in hospital or what ever other place, lotus birth, water birth, free birth, what ever feels right for you.
I am passionate about all ways holistic, having trained in various Holistic Therapies since 2006 which include energy healing, massage, and feeling very comfortable in using Essential oils [ Young Living] on a daily basis, which has meant not having required any painkillers or other medication for myself since then. This may not suit everyone, however my knowledge is there to be shared. I also use essences and homeopathic remedies which can come in useful during birthing and thereafter.

I have been trained  to debrief any past experiences which may affect the present, which can be done in a very gentle, compassionate way.

As a Birthkeeper I am able to provide various Doula packages, which suit you best for your personal circumstances.

I am available prenatally for booking appointments, initial chat, debriefing, assisting with birth plan etc. You can contact me via email and phone, text or skype /facetime if support is needed and then from 38 weeks until the birth I will be on call 24/7 and only a phone call away, if support is needed, whether that be just a chat or a stay for 1-2 days, what ever it takes.
After birth 2-3 meetings can assist with debriefing the birth and helping with breast feeding, if required or just a chat, some nurturing with food or help with household chores or just simply anything else that maybe required like shopping, dog walking, tidying, or looking after older children, holding the baby while mum takes a break or a shower. I also have got a sling, which can be borrowed if needed to help in those initial crucial bonding days.

I am a firm believer, that everyone, who wishes it should be able to have a Doula. If cost is an issue, please get in touch, so we can arrange something.

My Story

My name is Susi, having birthed 5 children, with all quite different birth experiences, all very individual children with different interests and abilities mostly all grown up now.
I recently became grandmother of a beautiful, precious little girl.
Originally born in Germany, I am able to speak German if needed.

Due to my own birth experiences, I am very aware how important it is to have a calm, supportive pregnancy and birth. Birthing my youngest 3 children at home, was a very different experience from the previous hospital births.

While pregnant with my 5th baby I had found yoga very relaxing and thereon my life began to change to a much more holistic way of life. As part of a more natural way of life I am using essential oils since 2006 on a regular basis including for cleaning, which meant as a family no antibiotics etc required since then.

Having heard about Doula training around 2004, however hadn’t followed it up then, due to family commitments it wasn’t until Spring 2015 when I came across Doula training again. After having had trained in various other holistic modalities in between since around 2006 incl Raindrop technique, learning how to use essential oils for health and every day uses; Reiki, various advanced Light Healing courses and a few others.
I also learned about Bach flower remedies and other essences within various training.
Since early 2015 my journey began volunteering with family’s and  am therefore  PVG approved for children and vulnerable adults.

Training and conferences

Red Tent Doula preparation course

Core workshop attended 6-7 May 2015
Self study component: ongoing

Developing Spirituality around Birth
Wisewomen workshop 18.05.2015

Breastfeeding for layworkers
Wisewomen workshop 5.6.2015, 25.9.2015

Aromatherapy for Birthworkers
Wisewomen workshop 7.9.2015

Rebozo for Birthworkers
Wisewomen workshop 28.9.2015

MAMA conference April  22nd/23rd 2016

SAND’s pregnancy loss and death of a baby, Training for Doula’s April 20th 2017

Michel Odent talk May 6th 2016

LLL spring workshop May 7th  2016

Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth – 1 week conference at Findhorn eco village, September  3rd-10th 2016

Bliss training day, Cumbernauld September 14th 2016

Women’s voices conference, London October 1st 2016

Yoga Birth study day February 4th 2017

Cerrada training April 8th, 9th 2017, London

MAMA conference in Ayr, April 28th/29th 2017

Supporting families with infant feeding choices May 2nd 2017

Edinburgh Napier Midwifery society conference May 24th 2017

Rebozo skills from the Heart, Angelina Martinez Miranda, certified Rebozo 3 day workshop, London September 15th/16th/17th 2017