Rebozo/ Cerrada

Having attended the Cerrada workshop training in April 2017 in London taught by Mayella Almazan, I am able to offer now for others to receive Cerrada’s.

Many may feel more familiar with ‘Closing the bones ceremony’, however Cerrada has been taught via Angelina, who has worked as a traditional midwife since she had her first child at 14 years of age.

Cerrada includes being bathed in herbs, then wrapped in traditional Rebozo’s [ cotton cloths made in a small village in southern Mexico], which can help to close a part of that particular life – very often used after the birth of a baby, however can be also used during other parts of life events to help us begin a new journey in life. Cerrada can also be helpful in having a partner there to assist with, as it can help with promoting a closer relationship.

Having attended the certified Rebozo training with Angelina in September 2017 in London for 3 days, it is now my pleasure and honour to share and offer the knowledge. MANTEADA is generally used prenatally to promote relaxation, which gives moves with the Rebozo from head to toes, however there are also many other Rebozo moves, which may help with pain management, relaxation or may help to turn a baby in a better position, if that is what the baby wishes to do.

If anyone wishes to know more or book an appointment to receive either of those above, please send a message and I aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks